Mountain West needs to show

March 21st, 2013 at 5:34 pm by under Sports

They got a conference record five teams into the NCAA Tournament. The Mountain West needs a good showing to get the respect they so desperately seek. Boise State did not do the league any favors, losing to LaSalle Wednesday night. The next day, critics started calling the league a paper tiger. Now the pressure is on to win. Respect is always earned.

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  1. Gil Perek says:

    The lobo loss to Harvard has stunned us all. Harvard showed up to win and I am not sure why the lobos were there and why they were pinned as a number 3 seed. The MWC has so far been a major dissapointment, except for CSU, the only team of four to win a game in the first round. Let’s see what SDSU does on Friday. Whoever sets the RPI’s for conferences does not know what they are doing. The MWC cannot compete at the level they thought they could.

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