Perfect Comet Viewing Weather!

March 12th, 2013 at 5:05 pm by under Weather

Clear skies and mild temperatures will make for a great time to be outdoors Tuesday evening. Just after sunset, you can check out Comet Pan-Starrs. Look to the west sky just after sunset at 7:12pm. The comet will be just to the left of the moon. The comet will be visible for about 45 minutes before it travels below the horizon. If you miss it tonight, you’ll still have a chance to see it Wednesday, but Tuesday will definitely be the best day.

As for the forecast, temps continue to warm up through the end of the week and start of the weekend as high pressure builds in over the state. The metro will reach the mid-70s while the southeast pushes into the upper 80s!

A weak storm will cross north Saturday night. While a quick light snow shower is possible over the highest peaks of the Northern Mountains, the bigger impact will be cooler temperatures for Sunday. Despite the cool down, however, temperatures will still be 5° – 10° above average. Temps rebound for the start of next week.

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  1. Russell Edwards says:

    For the last two evenings you stated that the comet will be visible “just to the left of the moon” and displayed a image of the full moon. You also displayed the full moon in your temp forecast for tonight.
    Many people (and evidently yourself) are unaware of the moon phases. The moon is currently in the “new” phase. This means you can not see it as it is very close to the sun. This is the opposite of the full moon which you portray. Don’t feel alone, the weather vato on channel 7 indicated the moon was in waning crescent which is also wrong.
    I’m disappointed in you.

    -R Edwards

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