Water crisis could jeapordize chile crop

March 4th, 2013 at 3:32 pm by under Latest Posts

The state’s water crisis is causing some concern that Chile crops could be in jeopardy.

State lawmakers say with many of our reservoirs low – some already empty – they are very concerned about farming and the state’s prized chile crop.

There are a few bills in the house to try to help farmers, one would give a tax break for equipment used to produce and process chile. This bill is currently in a house committee.

Another big issue is saving the water we do have.

There’s money in the budget to repair older acequias and dams that are leaking.

Another issue the state is dealing with has to do with Texas – who filed a lawsuit against New Mexico in an attempt to force the state to give them water. That’s water the state says it doesn’t have.

Lawmakers say they’ve had to set aside 6.5 million dollars for that legal fight.

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