APD warns of door-to-door alarm sales

February 23rd, 2013 at 1:17 pm by under Latest Posts

High-pressure sales agents peddling alarm systems are knocking on Albuquerque doors, according to police who say residents should be alert to disreputable practices.

At best homeowners may end up buying a system they don’t need.  At worst homes may be cased for later burglaries.

“The general practice is alarm companies will not use door-to-door sales tactics,” Officer Robert Gibbs said in a statement released to the news media this morning. “We want to urge the public to use caution when considering what security system sales agents have to offer, especially if they come to your front door uninvited.”

Sales methods include offers requiring immediate action, free equipment in exchange for signing a contract and scare tactics like claiming a high number of burglaries in the neighborhood.

“Do not allow these people into your homes. Do not disclose if you have an alarm system or not,” Gibbs said. “If you have someone who refuses to leave, call the police immediately.”

Reputable alarm agents carry identification with a photo and the name of the company.

For more information contact the Albuquerque Police Department False Alarm Reduction Unit at (505) 768-2144.

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  1. ShyLeo says:

    This happened to me last summer. Said several homes had been broken into nearby. He had a green shirt with a logo but no cards. He offered a free electronic controler of some kind. He said they were working with the police.
    I’m glad I passed on his offer as he wanted me to something right away and I was otherwise busy.

  2. Emilio Mora says:

    We do adviceto be cautious

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