A Storm Closes In…

February 18th, 2013 at 8:42 pm by under Weather

We have yet another storm on the way that will most likely do what many storms before it have done, favor western NM and the western slopes.  This will leave the metro and eastern sections with scattered showers at best.  These type of western slope storms have pretty much been the rule this winter.  This is a big reason Sandia Peak had to close early.  We need an easterly flow of moisture from the gulf with our storms to help eastern NM and the mountains attain a deep snowpack.  However, this year very little easterly moisture has pushed in.

So here is the breakdown.  Out ahead of the storm tomorrow we will have gusty winds and warm temps with highs in the high 50′s.  Wednesday the storm and a strong pacific cold front will blast through.  Temps will drop in the metro by 10° plus and there may well be some quick showers.  But the heavy accumulating snow will be over the west slopes of the San Juans, Jemez, and Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

There will be two more storms following this one to wrap the week and head into the weekend.

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  1. Greg Cannon says:

    Thanks Mr Ronchetti, best weathercasting in the state from yourself and Kristen Van d***!! you guys are much appreciated and keep up the great work, my 2 kiddos and I always catch your weathercasts to plan our school days and weekend fun stuff!! Thanks partner
    Greg Cannon

  2. Greg Cannon says:

    OK, why did the auto correct do that to her name in my comment?! LOL sorry that was NOT intentional by any means!! Much respect to you both!!! yikes LOL
    Greg Cannon

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