Atomic Aggies in NASA rocket competition

February 1st, 2013 at 11:34 am by under Latest Posts

A rocket designed by New Mexico State University students made the cut in a NASA design competition and is heading for launch.

Now the Atomic Aggies, one of 36 teams selected for NASA’s University Student Launch Initiative, are fine-tuning the design of the rocket and payload and raising the $13,000 needed for materials and travel expenses to the April event in Huntsville, Ala.

“I think the most valuable thing from this experience is to be able to work with NASA engineers.” Crystal Escamilla, a senior engineering technology student, said in a statement released by NMSU.  “The review reports, presentations, leadership and teamwork throughout this process gives valuable work experience that can be used on resumes.”

Escamilla also was on the Aggie team selected last year for the launch initiative.  This year’s team is comprised off 14 seniors majoring in electronics and computer engineering technology.

The payload log temperature, humidity, pressure, solar irradiance and ultraviolet radiation in five-second intervals and transmit the data to the ground.

Designed to reach at least a mile in altitude, the rocket is intended to be reusable and will carry a tracking device so it can be located after landing.

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The Atomic Aggies. (NMSU/Courtesy Photo)


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