Programming Note: KRQE in Gallup is now digital

January 28th, 2013 at 6:14 pm by under Latest Posts

KRQE Channel 48 in Gallup has now been converted to digital.

Viewers will have to rescan to receive a signal It will scan in as 13-1.

Gallup viewers will now have the Superbowl in high definition.


3 Responses to “Programming Note: KRQE in Gallup is now digital”

  1. bob says:

    Gee thanks, KRQE.
    Can’t afford cable, so I guess I won’t be doing any tv watching in the future.

    1. Juan Chavez y Chavez says:

      Hey Bob,
      The reason the government did this is so they can carve up the transmission band and sell off the rest.

      Big bucks.

      Always follow the pesos.

    2. Juan Chavez y Chavez says:

      Bob ,
      You can make a HDTV antenna out of a cookie sheet and aluminum foil.
      If the tin foil doesnt work it makes a great hat to wear while you are waiting for the space ship.
      Do you have a HDTV ready set or converter?

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