Governor delivers State of the State Address

January 15th, 2013 at 10:00 am by under Latest Posts

Read the full text of Governor Susana Martinez’s 2013 State of the State Address»

2:41pm @alexg_reporter: Gov. Martinez wraps up State of the State Address. #nmleg

2:40pm @alexg_reporter: Gov. Martinez: “A call to compete should be the charge of New Mexico’s next century.” #nmleg

2:39pm @alexg_reporter:Gov. Martinez:Public officials convicted if corruption should be forced to resign immediately, taxpayers shouldn’t pay for defense.

2:36pm @alexg_reporter:Drivers license mention got very long standing ovation from Republican lawmakers #nmleg

2:34pm @alexg_reporter:Gov. Martinez: Education reform should not be about politics, needs to be about putting kids first.

2:26pm@alexg_reporter: Gov. Martinez introducing 1st grader, Jamal, who wrote “The Governor Rocks” and wants to be news reporter or policeman someday. #nmleg

2:23pm @alexg_reporter: Gov. Martinez proposing $2.5 million to expand AP courses in state. #nmleg

2:18pm @alexg_reporter: Gov. Martinez: Medicaid expansion “right thing to do.” #nmleg

2:14pm@alexg_reporter: Gov. Martinez proposing $1,000 tax credit for every job small businesses created and retained over next two years. #nmleg

2:12p @alexg_reporter: Gov. Martinez: Veterans should have  pension income exempted from state taxes #nmleg

2:10pm @alexg_reporter: Gov. Martinez: NM needs to be more competitive, level playing field with other states.

2:07pm @alexg_reporter: Gov. Martinez: Some positive signs in NM economy. Rising tourism, exports #nmleg

Bob Thomas (KRQE)

Bob Thomas (KRQE)

2:03pm @alexg_reporter: Gov. Martinez: New Mexico’s thoughts and prayers are with the Lujan family #nmleg

1:59pm@alexg_reporter:  Governor Martinez walking onto House floor now #nmleg

1:53pm @alexg_reporter: Breaking Bad actor Steven Michael Quezada is on House floor as guest of Rep. Moe Maestas.

1:47pm @alexg_reporter: Joint session underway, State of the State address coming soon. #nmleg

1:34pm: KRQE News 13 is live streaming the State of the State Address»

1:22pm @katiemkim: Sen. Papen: thank you for your unanimous vote nmleg. Sen. Papen moves desks to Pres Pro Tem spot.

1:20pm @katiemkim: Sen. Mary Kay Papen sworn in as Pres Pro Tem of Senate. Vote was unanimous

1:18pm @katiemkim: Sen. Campos: wanted members of Senate to act in unison #nmleg

1:17pm @alexg_reporter: House is in recess. Waiting on Senate #nmleg

1:14pm @katiemkim: Sen. Pete Campos nominates Sen. Mary Kay Papen for Pres Pro Tem. Campos was up for job #nmleg

1:08pm @katiemkim: Standing ovation for former Lt. Gov. Diane Denish

1:04pm: New Speaker Ken Martinez

Bob Thomas (KRQE)

Bob Thomas (KRQE)

Bob Thomas (KRQE)

1:02pm @katiemkim: The press corps hard at work in the Senate gallery @NMTelegram @fbihop @MattGrubs @bmasseyAP @steveterrell

12:59pm @alexg_reporter: US senators Heinrich and Udall here in the House chambers for Governor’s State of the State address.

12:56pm @alexg_reporter: Speaker Martinez: Taking gavel from Speaker Lujan a “bittersweet moment”.

12:55pm @alexg_reporter: Rep. W. Ken Martinez (D – Grants) elected House Speaker 38-32. First new speaker since 2001 #nmleg

12:54pm @katiemkim: Sen. Bill O’Neill introduces predecessor former Sen. Dede Feldman

12:38pm: Oath signing

Bob Thomas (KRQE)

12:30pm @AlexG_Reporter NM House has kicked off, expecting election of new speaker soon

12:18pm @katiemkim: Senators line up to sign official roster

12:06pm@katiemkim: The Senate has come to order #nmleg

11:42am @katiemkim: I spy Reps-turned-Sens Bill O’Neill and Joe Cervantes on senate floor #nmleg

11:39am “@steveterrell: We’ve lost Internet connection at the Roundhouse.”

11:35am@katiemkim: Calm before storm in #nmsen? Dems trickling in to chamber. Sens. to pick new Pres Pro Tem today, may be drama #nmleg

10:00am @katiemkim : Opening day of #nmleg! Headed to Santa Fe now. Stay with me and @krqe for live tweets and reports throughout the day.


  • Governor Susana Martinez will give her State of the State Address at 1 p.m. Tuesday.
  • KRQE will be live streaming the event on 
  • Stay with @katiemkim and @AlexG_Reporter  to get the latest updates from the Roundhouse.

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