Taylor Ranch power outage

January 10th, 2013 at 9:34 am by under Latest Posts

PNM is reporting a power outage in Taylor Ranch area affecting 2379 customers.

The outage started around 8:40 am and crews looking for the cause.

PNM estimates that power should be restored by 11: 38 am. http://ow.ly/gHy1C

2 Responses to “Taylor Ranch power outage”

  1. Lorraine says:

    This was ridiculous that they kept the kids in these 3 school 2 of them being elementary and all principals at a meeting at city center. There was no heat kids were running up and down the halls even after they were supposed to be in class. It was chaos but as long as city center has heat and power everything is ok. Way to go Mr. Brooks and Monica Armenta, Rigo Chavez, Joseph Escobedo. All our kids will suffer with the awful sack lunches they give them in emergency situations!! I was in the school when this happened and could not believe that no one in the school knew what was going on I took my kids home they had kids sitting in the buses of at least 25 minutes what if it had been a shooter NO ONE KNEW ANYTHING!! Then it came on that it would be back on by 11 ridiculous

  2. J says:

    There is also a water outage.

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