KiMo Theater Presents: 100 Years of Statehood

December 11th, 2012 at 11:02 am by under Latest Posts

On Wednesday, December 12th at 7 p.m. the final program in the KiMo Theatre’s Centennial Speaker Series, “100 Years of Statehood,” will be presented by Tomas E. Chavez, Ph.D.

Yesterday and today; old and new; traditional and not; New Mexico’s last hundred years of statehood has been the culmination of its inclusive history. The people who were here before are with us now.

We treasure Native American dances, chile, multi-languages, arts and cultural practices. Sometimes we are in conflict or conflicted, yet, in the end, the uniqueness of this place we call New Mexico shines through.

Every state is “unique” in its own right, but New Mexico’s history puts an emphasis on that term.

Born out of four hundred years of Spanish and Native American existence with the eventual arrival of people from the United States, New Mexico can lay claim to many things other states cannot: European and Native American co-existence for over four hundred years; a bi-lingual state constitution; the largest percentage of “Hispanics” of any state; and more tribes of Indians living on the land on which they lived at European contact. And, this does not get into traditions, customs, foodstuffs or the role of the U. S. Federal Government with its preponderance of National Parks and Sites, military bases, and laboratories.

As with all Centennial programs at the KiMo, admission is FREE OF CHARGE. The audience is invited to a “Meet & Greet” with Dr. Chavez following the presentation where free gourmet coffee and herbal teas will be available.

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