What can Davie do for an encore?

November 26th, 2012 at 10:19 pm by under Sports

When his first season in 10 years started, UNM head football coach Bob Davie said he was just worried about getting a win and finishing the season. His team exceeded expectations, winning 4 games along the way. With expectations now raised, what can Davie do for an encore? He has already starting searching for players to plug holes for next year. Davie will more than likely snag a few junior college players in the group of 25 that he plans to sign. Davie says he will revamp the Lobos entire secondary. In fact, he is hoping to much more talent to a defense that became more generous than Santa Claus, giving up big plays on a weekly basis. Davie also wants to build up depth at quarterback. Fans saw what the team is capable of with balance. When the Lobos had the two headed monster of B.R. Holbrook throwing the ball and Cole Gautsche running a mean triple option, they were at their best. You could even argue that Davie could have had a 9 and 4 season. The Lobos won 4 but had a chance to win 5 more. Can’t wait for next season.

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