Cleanup begins in Bandelier paint mess

November 20th, 2012 at 1:24 pm by under Latest Posts, Photos

Photo Courtesy: National Park Service

Crews have begun their cleanup efforts in Bandelier National Monument, where a truck carrying 2200 gallons of paint sailed off a mountain road and into the forest..

In September of this year a truck carrying hundreds of gallons of highway stripping paint plunged into a 200 foot deep slope after missing a turn on New Mexico State Highway 4.  Paint splattered over an acre’s worth of land in Bandelier.

The driver was thrown from the cab and injured.

This past Friday crews started the efforts to clean the obvious mess that is visible from hiking trails and roads surrounding the scenic monument.

The first step in crews efforts was  to remove the truck, after that is complete they will begin cleaning up the paint that covers the land.

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