A Storm Yes…But A Weak Storm

November 20th, 2012 at 8:32 pm by under Weather

Clouds will continue to increase over the area tonight leading to a partly cloudy day on Wednesday.  The track of our incoming storm has been trending farther south.  That will mean fewer shower chance over the state with the southern 1/3 of NM getting the best chance for rain beginning early Wednesday.  The Sacramento mountains have the best chance of up to 1/3″ of rain and some light snow.

Here in the metro we will have a chance for a spot shower but more than anything else we are looking at clouds and sun with highs in the 60′s.  Thanksgiving day will be even warmer with high around 65° and sunshine.  The only significant change comes on Friday when temps will drop across the state.  The east will drop 20° while the central and west will knock off between 5°-10°.

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