Carlsbad park gets donation for renovation

November 13th, 2012 at 1:28 pm by under Latest Posts

Living Desert Zoo and Garden State Park has received a generous donation of $1 million that will be used to build a new reptile exhibit.

The money was donated by an individual who wanted the money to go to well being of animals both wild and domestic.

The new building will replace an older one built in the 60′s and contain modern viewing area’s and keeper rooms for animals.

It will also portray a very interesting look, from the outside it will resemble a reptile. The building is being tiled and colored on the outside to resemble the skin of a snake and the entry and exit ways of the visitor exhibit area will be through sinuous passageways, an example of how reptiles get around.

Construction of the building will start January 2013 and is said to finish sometime in September that same year.

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