Big Changes on the Way

November 4th, 2012 at 4:55 pm by under Weather

The days are numbered for the above average temperatures we’ve been seeing for the better part of a month! The workweek starts with a small cool down for the northeast and Northern Mountains. Even the metro will cool by a few degrees. However, temps will still be above average.

A ridge of high pressure slides over New Mexico through Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. This will slowly increase the heat across the state through the middle of the week. By Thursday, some locations, especially in the Eastern Plains, may be close to record highs.

The warm, sunny weather comes to an end Friday as a storm system dives for New Mexico. Temperatures will drop dramatically Friday, Saturday, and into Sunday! Friday and Saturday, winds will crank up across much of the state.

Some moisture will make it into Southern Colorado, the Four Corners, and Northern Mountains. Expect some high elevation snow and low elevation rain late Friday, Saturday, and early Sunday. The metro could pick up a rain shower or two, but the bigger story will be the cooler temperatures and wind for the metro and points south.

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