Minimum wage cash mob in Nob Hill

October 31st, 2012 at 11:40 am by under Latest Posts

A cash mob gathered Wednesday morning at the local business in support of a minimum wage increase in Albuquerque.

The group rallied at an Albuquerque art gallery, Mask Y Mas, located in the Nob Hill area.

Minimum wage increase is just one of the reasons for the cash mob, the group is also gathering support for local business’s in the city.

According to the cash mob’s website, they will be out again to protest from 4 p.m. until 7 p.m. Wednesday.



4 Responses to “Minimum wage cash mob in Nob Hill”

  1. I have not only received several pieces of mail regarding the reason(s) to support the minimum wage effort, but several “robo” calls regarding the same. The phone number that shows when the phone rings is 202-974-8147. Today I called that number and it is a number for the AFL-CIO Washington, D.C. Seems they would know they have to register their PAC in order to supply the support for this proposition. This offends me. Washington doesn’t need to be any deeper in our lives. Courious situation, obviously the way in which this was done by “Ole” was above their pay grade – as they didn’t either read the proposition as “they” wrote it, or didn’t know the meaning of all the terms. Raise starting wage? What is wrong with working harder to earn more money per hour?

  2. John says:

    Wow! With a business in ABQ we are not allowed to vote on what we might be required to pay employees because we don’t live in the city. Should we consider moving the company?

  3. Katzli Dieter says:

    If the city councilors repeal the minimum wage voter decision, they are toast. Opponents for the next election….start your engines!

  4. Tasha says:

    You cannot give spfeicic form or shape to this entity, merely that “anyone who buys anything at any time” consists of the set of people known as consumers. The behavior, as demonstrated by this group in general, is to simply destroy or cause destruction in a manner not unlike that of a wild animal consuming its meal.Since you cannot give spfeicic shape or form, and at best cannot dispute the behavior of this group, the terms are accurate.You are rambling and grasping at straws because you are ignorant of how economic systems work. This is not about classes or groups but about individuals acting. It is individuals who drive market activity and all by simply choosing what they prefer to the other alternatives. Now I know that in Karl Marx PS you were never taught any of this but that is no excuse for ignorance and muddled thinking. You make the fallacy of presuming that they are not worth the declared value that they are worth for work, the minimum wage.I presume nothing, just state facts. If you cannot find a job to pay you $5 an hour you are not worth $5 to any employer and have to find a clearing price. Once you find a job it becomes easy to show that you may be worth more as you gain skills and show that you are reliable. Once you do you make employers bid for your services and get a higher wage. You are under no obligation to work for a lower wage than you can find elsewhere so your employer has to match the best price if he wants to keep you. Yet it has been done and can still be done to discourage unproductive behavior – without having to antagonize, micromanage, or otherwise stand in opposition to the worker.First, nobody is standing in opposition to the worker. Second, “You cannot give spfeicic form or shape to this entity, merely that ‘anyone who sells his labour at any time’ consists is in a class known as ‘the worker’.” See how that works?

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