Perfect Halloween Forecast

October 30th, 2012 at 10:00 pm by under Weather

High pressure will continue to dominate our weather for the next few days.  It will lead to cool mornings and warm daytime highs.  Temps will be between 5°-12° above average.  Halloween night looks very nice as well.  Temps will drop into the mod 60′s with clear skies.  Winds will not be a factor either.

One thing to note is the cool overnight lows compared to the warm highs.  The airmass over the state is very dry.  This lack of moisture allows for easy daytime warmup and and nighttime cool down.  In fact some areas of the state are seeing a temps difference of 50° between overnight lows and daytime highs.  This is a pretty impressive range.

As far as a storm goes…well lets talk next week.  no there isn’t a storm coming next week lets just talk then.

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