The Lobos could really use an open week

October 29th, 2012 at 8:04 pm by under Sports

The bye week has it’s benefits in college football. The University of New Mexico Lobos know it all too well this season. Bumps and bruises have found many Lobos. But, what would anyone expect from a 13 game schedule and no week off. No matter what, the Lobos have found a way to stay competitive through their Mountain West conference schedule. You could argue that the cherry and silver should be 4 and 0 in league play. They have had a chance to win each conference game they have played. The last two outings could be filed under banged up at the wrong time. Sure, injuries are a part of college football. But, Losing two quarterbacks in a game your team is dominating really hurts. Okay, I will stop whinning. Lobo fans must be encouraged seeing a team that never quits. The fans must be equally excited about what the future could hold. The Lobos 4 wins through 9 games have exceeded the expectations of many. From where I sit the future looks bright.

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  1. Richard VanScoyk says:

    Four wins in nine outings may not seem so great to people from other than the Land of Enchantedness. Nine QB’s in two years, one never making it to school, UNM Leadership chose to make some very hurtful, and embarassing choices. The kids are paying the price of their scholarship and then some. Thirteen games in as many weeks, yikes! The ESPN gurus still talking bowl game… I like what I see, too, Van. These guys are paying a price, injuries, playing banged up, no time off. New Mexico has a football team. What self respecting youngster wouldn’t want to be a part of this.

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