Sunday Balloon Fiesta Photo Blog

October 14th, 2012 at 4:59 am by under Latest Posts

9:00am:  Thanks for joining us this week during the 2012 Balloon Fiesta.

8:47am: Special shape ’1 Down 8 – 2 Go, lays to rest.

8:42am: Special shape ‘The Shark’ takes to the sky.

8:39am: KRQE News 13 continues to broadcast live at the Balloon Fiesta.

8:36am: Sandy Cohen, the new director of the Balloon Museum, stops by to talk about what the museum has to offer.

8:23am: As final balloons launch, crowds head to vendor row.

8:16am: Special shape ‘Spider Pig’ shows that even spider pigs can fly.

8:12am: Bees take to the sky and spread their wings.

8:05am: Special shapes The Bees, prepare to launch.

7:56am: Special shape ‘Simba’ gets ready to launch.

7:44am: Balloons take to the sky.

7:37am: Jay Miller with Nikon stops by.

7:33am: Special shape Airbelle, The Flying Cow inflates.

726am: Balloons continue to launch off of Balloon Fiesta Park.

7:21am: Special shape ‘Airabelle, The Flying Cow begins to inflate.

7:15am: Pilot Dean Davie carries the American flag during the national anthem at the Farewell Mass Ascension.

7:12am: Balloons begin to inflate and prepare for launch.

7:08am: Jennifer Riordan with Wells Fargo is on set to talk about the special shape ‘Center Stage.’

7:00am: Crowds enjoy some morning treats on vendor row.

6:57am: Matt and Jessica get ready to go live.

6:39am: Dawn Patrol Balloons begin to launch of field.

6:38am: Weather looks good at the surface and officials expect balloons to launch.

6:02am: Crowds pouring into Balloon Fiesta Park. Traffic is building.

5:42am: Getting ready to head to this morning’s pilots briefing.

5:30am: People continue to fill Balloon Fiesta Park.

5:03am: @mattatkrqe Off to last day of #balloonfiesta with @ElizabethAtKRQE you headed out too??!!

5:00am: Today is Farewell mass Ascension Day. Mass Ascensions, a launch of all the participating balloons have been a feature of Balloon Fiesta since its earliest days and is the most spectacular display of sound and color in all of aviation.

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