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October 13th, 2012 at 5:00 am by under Latest Posts

9:00am: Thanks for joining us this morning.  Join us again tomorrow for more live streaming and live blogging of the Farewell Mass Ascension and morning glow.

8:55am: Crowds enjoy remaining balloons on launch field.


8:45am: Balloons take to the sky.

8:30am: As balloons continue to launch Balloon Fiesta goers take to vendor row.

8:21am: Special shapes ‘Simba’, ‘The Shark’ and ‘Aaron’ aka Elvis, inflate.

8:10am: Dick Brown talks about his book, The World Comes to Albuquerque, with Kristen and Mark.

8:07am: Special shapes and other balloons fill the air.

7:59am: Jose brings Kristen and Mark some early morning eats and something new to try, an ostrdige burger and rattlesnake tamale.

7:54am: Special shape ‘Airabelle, The Flying Cow’ prepares for launch.

7:50am: Balloon Fiesta Event Director Don Edwards drops by.

7:41am: Special shape ‘Super FMG’ flies over the KRQE News 13 set.

7:29am: Balloon Fiesta goers enjoy the sights and sounds.

7:25am: Tania Armenta with the City of Albuquerque Visitors Bureau is on set.

7:19am: Balloons continue to inflate and launch of Balloon Fiesta’s field.

7:14am: Lori Anne McBride and Natalie of  Gruet Winery stop by to talk about the Harvest Festival.

7:06am: The Dos Equis balloon carries the American flag during the national anthem.

7:03am: The Larry Barker Mask Ascension is underway. get your mask at our set on the Balloon Fiesta field.

6:58am: Mark and Kristen talk Larry Barker Mask Ascension as balloons continue to inflate.

6:54am: Dawn patrol balloons take flight.


6:44am: The next 10 people to come by our #BalloonFiesta set and say ‘gotcha’ will get a free Larry Barker shirt!

6:40am: Dawn patrol begins to inflate and prepares to launch.

6:34am: Officials expect flights at this morning’s mass ascension.

5:40am: About to head over to this morning’s pilot’s briefing. Will find out if mass ascension is a go.

5:25am: Getting ready for the Larry Barker Mass Ascension. Get your mask at our Balloon Fiesta set.

5:02am: KRQE News 13 prepares for Saturday’s Balloon Fiesta.


5:00am: Today is the Balloon Fiesta Morning Glow and mass ascension. Mass Ascensions, a launch of all the participating balloons have been a feature of Balloon Fiesta since its earliest days and is the most spectacular display of sound and color in all of aviation.

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