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October 11th, 2012 at 5:13 am by under Latest Posts

9:00am: Thanks for joining us this morning.   Join us again tomorrow for more live streaming and live blogging of the Special Shape Rodeo and more flying competitions.

8:50am: Special shapes and other balloons fill the sky.

8:49am: Contest winners Smantha Hernandez and Jason Eads come by and get their prize bag.

8:47am: Balloon in the air.

8:40am: Contest winners Matt and Hannah Delaho come by and get their prize bag.

8:35am: Judy Dominguez with edible arraignments stops by.

8:30am: @mattatkrqe Will the shoe fly??!! #balloonfiesta

8:25am: Nikki and Kristen get ready to go live during the Special Shapes Rodeo.

8:18am: The first person to stop by our#BalloonFiesta set at 8:30 &mention the NMStyle prize bag gets to have one.

8:14am: Special Shape ‘Yellow Jacket’ takes charge.

8:05am: Special Shape Rodeo underway.

7:57am: Special shape ‘Miss Daisy’ begins to inflate in the sushine.

7:50am: The first person to stop by our Balloon Fiesta set at 8am & mention the NMStyle prize bag gets to have one. If you’re not first you’re last!

7:45am: Special shape ‘Little Fireman’ carries the United States flag during the national anthem.

7:40am: Special Shape ‘The Stork’ prepares for flight in the Special Shapes Rodeo.

7:35am: Balloons begin to take shape and prepare for launch.

7:33am: Carol Hills is the winner of the Balloon Fiesta sweepstakes this year, Carol and her friend, Ann Yaejer will receive a $3,210 VIP package.

7:27am: Airabelle, The Flying Cow gets ready to launch.

7:17am: Tom Garrity with the Balloon Fiesta, stops by to talk about the film festival that was judged last night.

7:15am:@mattatkrqe: Special shapes rodeo is a go!!! #balloonfiesta zebras will be busy!

7:12am: Mayor R.J. Berry joins Matt and Kristen on set to talk about how the Balloon Fiesta helps Albuquerque.


7:09am: Balloons continue to inflate as crowds pour into Balloon Fiesta Park.

7:05am: Dawn patrol balloons inflate.

6:59am: Wind conditions are expected to die down as the sun comes up this morning. Officials say that conditions are similar to yesterday.

5:43am: Getting ready to head over to this mornings pilot briefing.

5:35am: @mattatkrqe This is how @kvdatkrqe eats a burrito #balloonfiesta

5:30am: @kvdatkrqe A bit of a breeze this morning at #balloonfiesta. We’ll let you know if the special shapes will fly. Stay tuned to #krqelive

5:16am: @mattatkrqe You headed to #balloonfiesta this am for special shapes rodeo? It’s already getting busy!


5:10am: Today is the Special Shapes Rodeo. The Special Shape Rodeo started in 1989 and now has become the most popular event at the annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Since the Balloon Fiesta started the Special Shapes Rodeo™ in 1989, many events around the world have now added some kind of special shape event to their program.

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