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October 11th, 2012 at 4:00 pm by under Latest Posts

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Debate between Congressional candidates Heather Wilson and Martin Heinrich with KRQE News 13 moderator Dick Knipfing


Debate over. It will air again tonight our sister station KASA Fox 2 at 10pm.


Heinrich:  My priorities are NM priorities. Tax cuts to middle class, protecting social security. Wilson supported two rounds of Bush tax cuts that exploded our deficit. Let me be clear..I will never balance our budget on the backs of our senior citizens.

Wilson: I believe in American dream. Heinrich has voted for more debt, wants higher taxes for people who create jobs. I will always protect social security and medicare.


Heinrich: I’m not going to wait in the back and wait until they tell me to raise my hand. I’m going to fight for bases and our labs.

Wilson:  You use your life experience in senate. We need strong advocate for our bases.


Wilson: We are in deep trouble. We may be going to Navy size it was in 1915…this has to be turned around. I believe weakened U.S. military means a dangerous world.

Heinrich: Wilson voted to send Americans into harms way into Iraq. That’s not leadership. The bill I voted for, John McCain voted for.


Wilson: I oppose amnesty over people who have been waiting for citizenship.

Heinrich: You have to get a handle on who is here.  Criminals here illegal should be deported. Those here should get to end of the line and get citizenship. He supports Dream Act.


Wilson: We should build keystone pipeline.

Heinrich: Wind is putting people to work here in NM.


Wilson: You can fight for your green dream but I’ll  fight for jobs here and now.

Heinrich: When you look at jobs today either a coal miner or work in oilfield….we owe it to them to have jobs in the future.


Wilson:  We need a balance energy plan. Heinrich voted on cap and trade bill. Last month, he said coal is the fuel of the past. Your telling NM coal miners, their jobs in the past.

Heinrich: We need to move from traditionally to more and more clean sources. NM has enormous amount of natural gas.  We need to invest in solar and wind.


Heinrich:  As an engineer, I understand what happens at the labs. I would be the only engineer in the senate.  I have fought hard for the jobs at national labs. It’s not just about nuclear mission.

Wilson: We have to support mission at labs. You have to keep those facilities and missions strong.


Heinrich: I stepped up and found Tacos a new mission.

Wilson: Los Alamos  just laid off hundreds, NM lost the Tacos  because you didn’t do anything.


Heinrich: I was able to pass legislation that deeply impacts NM. I could only do that by working closely with republicans.

Wilson: Independence is voting against education bill and being the only republican to do so.


Heinrich: To blame social security for causing budget crisis…isn’t right.

Wilson: No one is saying that. The problem is starting two years ago..more money going out to social security than people paying in.


Heinrich: Social Security and Medicare…a promise I will keep. Go to youtube and type in Heather  Wilson and see what they have to say about her approach.

Wilson: I know these programs matter…I lived that.

Wilson: We need to control spending.

Heinrich:  Ironic she is offering a solution to the problem she helped create.


Heinrich:  We have to address the deficit. We can do it a couple of different ways. I say take a balanced appproach. Democrats will have to make cuts they’re not comfortable with.  Wilson wants deep cuts to things such as social security.


Heinrich: We do well as a country when we invest in the middle class. That’s where we should focus…tax cuts for the middle class.

Wilson: Middle class is suffering under policies Heinrich has supported the past couple years. You need to quit helping.


Wilson: You have voted for budgets with trillion dollar deficits.

Heinrich: I would get rid of things we don’t need anymore….such as subsidies for the biggest oil companies. There are plenty of places to cut.


Wilson: Healthcare act should be repealed and replaced.


Dick Knipfing: How do you create jobs?

Heinrich: Invest in infrastructure and invest aggressively in technology institutions…UNM, the Labs.

Wilson: Government can’t create wealth…. low taxes and fair regulations will create jobs.


Heinrich: She voted to get rid of the rules that opened the door to all kinds of changes such as two wars paid for on a credit card. I voted against the Ryan budget plan because  it would have devastated NM. Wilson said she admired the Ryan budget.

Wilson: That’s incorrect.

Wilson: Slowest recovery we have had in 60 years and you want to raise taxes on small businesses.


Heinrich:  I  have constantly fought for lower taxes for smaller businesses. Records speak for itself.  We still have long way to go. Wilson wants more tax cuts for the wealthy.

Wilson: Heinrich what you’re doing is not working.

Heinrich:  The people who really need help now is middle class.


Wilson: I worry about the jobs that will be there for my kids. Keep taxes low. We are about to lose 20,000 jobs in NM next year because of bill Heinrich voted for.


Dick Knipfing: Candidates will get the time they want to answer questions…. explain, challenge and defend. It’s not your normal debate format.


Just minutes away from the start of the first televised debate between Heinrich and Wilson.


Heather Wilson has just arrived to the station and Martin Heinrich arrives minutes later.  Both guest are preparing in different areas of the building.

First televised debate between Heinrich & Wilson on KRQE News 13 at 6pm  join me (Jessica Garate) for live blogging.


4:43: We are getting set up for this evenings debate.  Please stand by…

4:00 PM: We’re prepping the newsroom for the first of four debates between Congressional candidates Heather Wilson and Martin Heinrich.  KRQE News 13′s Dick Knipfing will moderate the debate.  There are no time limits in this debate thus allowing each candidate to explain their answers completely and allow the moderator to press the candidates if their answers are not clear.  Jessica Garate will be live-blogging throughout the debate right here on

Wilson represented New Mexico’s First Congressional district from 1998-2008 as U.S. Representative and was the first and only female veteran in Congress.  She was a senior member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Heinrich replaced Wilson in 2009 as U.S. Representative for New Mexico’s First Congressional district and currently occupies that seat.  Prior to being elected to Congress, Heinrich served as Albuquerque City Council President and as Natural Resources Trustee for the State of New Mexico.


20 Responses to “Live Blog: New Mexico Senate Debate”

  1. Lyle Conley says:

    How much is it costing us to fly Martin Heinrich home almost every weekend?

  2. Teresa Craemer says:

    Mr. Knipfing is allowing Mr Heinrich to monopolize this discussion. Is it because Mrs Wilson is female or Republican? Please allow her finish her comments.

    1. JoAnn says:

      What I see from where I’m sitting is that Heinrich is a stuffed shirt who believes he is right about everything. Heather is far more down to earth and caring. I like Heather.

  3. Don says:

    Heather voted the same failed economic policies of deregulation and tax cuts for the wealthy that caused the current economic disaster which were the very same things that caused the economic disaster in the 1930′s. Heather failed to learn from history along with the rest of the greedy corrupt Republican politicians backed by the wealthy. These greedy wealthy business owners have threatened to close their companies putting everyone out of work if their taxes go up. Meanwhile teachers, firefighters, police and every small business suffers to pay the tax breaks for the wealthy. These greedy business owners reaped the benefits of the Bush tax breaks but take no responsibility. Heather again takes no responsibility that she voted to through the balanced budget and the majority of Americans under the bus sacking them with the bill.

  4. Don says:

    Heather will take direction under Mitt who has said he will cut government waste and is really referring to cuts to SS, Medicare and Medicaid. Heather blames the deficit on Americans but takes no responsibility that she voted for the Bush tax breaks. Listening to Heather she just said that she will be cutting SS. And Heather is wrong that SS is not included as part of the federal general fund. Congress passed legislation that DOES include SS collected funds into the federal general fund. Those elected officials took 2.4 trillion to pay down the deficit and the tax breaks for the wealthy.

  5. Don says:

    Heather, Los Alamos lost funding because of the overwhelming deficit because of the decline in federal revenue because of the tax breaks for the wealthy. Heather stay on track and actually follow the OATH you say NOT TO LIE. At least take responsibility that you voted out the Balanced budget when Clinton left office and you were in office under the Bush administration.

  6. Don says:

    All money flows up and business make a profit but greed has taken hold of politicians like Heather. Bought and paid for by the wealthy. And Heather still refuses to take responsibility (along with Bush) for not funding 2 wars and exponentially ballooning the deficit. Now Heather wants to balance the budget on working Americans and push the deficit on the children of the same hard working Americans.

  7. Don says:

    Heather if SS is separate from the federal general fund then where is the 2.4 trillion that was taken and why hasn’t been paid back?

  8. Don says:

    Heather if SS was protected then the 2.4 trillion would not have been used to pay down the deficit which in reality was to pay for all the tax breaks for the wealthy.

  9. Don says:

    Heather if SS is not part of the federal general fund then why is it part of the federal budget?

  10. Don says:

    SS wasn’t included in the federal budget until Congress passed legislation and ever since SS has been a budget issue.

  11. Don says:

    More money for the job creators that hasn’t created any jobs. More money for trickle down economics that doesn’t trickle down.

  12. Bob Hyland says:

    It’s a sad thing that Jon Barrie, the Independent American Party candidate for Senate, was not allowed to participate in this debate. One wonders what channel 13 was afraid of? If anyone wants to see the real debate Saturday at 4:00pm, then come to Ben Michael’s (2404 Pueblo Ct. NW, off Rio Grande near Old Town). Afterwards there will be a “Meet & Greet” for Jon Barrie at no charge.

  13. Olivia says:

    If I worked for the Labs I would really be scared on Heinrich. This man is dangerous. He says we must go green, but he doesnt tell the people how much more their going to pay for it. Go back where you came from Heinrich. NM can do without you.

    1. Gene Calb says:

      WOW Olivia, I sure am glad you don’t work at the labs! Please read up on going green, it is the future! Being green along with our present efforts will save money and will save America. If you want to talk about being dangerous, well then you must be thinking of Wilson. She needs to crawl back into the fantasy land where she’s been living since being defeated by New Mexicans, we said no to her lies back then and we will say no to her lies again! Go Heinrich!!!!!!!

      1. Olivia says:

        Bullshit. The price of electricity will sky rocket if Heinrick get elected and we go green. Not everyone can afford it. Some are barely making ends meet now. You know why because we heat our homes with wood,because its our only choice. You might like Wilson but at least she tells it like it is. And maybe you to should go back where you came from.

  14. Gene Calb says:

    Once again Wilson showed us that she cares more about the repbublican party and how she will once again fall in line and do what the repbulicans tell her to do. She is back to her old lies and her old ways, she will say anything to win votes instead of caring about the problems facing our country and our state, we don’t need to or want to go back to the failed republican and Wilson ways which caused our country to go into such a bad recession caused by reckless republican so-called leadership and Wilsons failure to do what is right. New Mexicans won’t fall for her lies this time, Martin Heinrich is the one who really cares about the country and New Mexico as we saw tonight. We won’t fall for the republican trickle down economics that helped wall street do anything they wanted, we are on the right track now and we will continue to go forward. Wilson is bad for the country and bad for New Mexico, remember that the republicans want to attack Iran with no way to pay for it, and more tax help for the wealthiest by taxing the rest of Americans, no more credit card wars or lies! Remember that we are not where we want to be yet, but we are headed in the right direction, we can’t go backwards! HEINRICH FOR NEW MEXICO AND FOR AMERICA!!!!!!!!!

  15. Araceli says:

    Martin Heinrich keeps repeating the same mularky as his cronies, does he have a mind of his own?

    1. Olivia says:

      Totally agree.

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