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9:00am:  Join us again tomorrow for more live streaming and live blogging of the Special Shape Rodeo and more flying competitions.

8:55am:  Winds are picking up causing some balloons to have a rough landing.

8:53am: Photo of balloons over an Albuquerque neighborhood submitted via Report It! Send us your Balloon Fiesta photos.

8:41am: County Commissioner Simon Kubiak and guest Jesse join Nikki and Kristen to talk about this weekends Taste of New Mexico October 13 and 14 at Civic Plaza.

8:37am: Kristen Van Dyke and Nikki Stanzione get ready to go live.

8:35am: KRQE News 13 crew live streaming the Balloon Fiesta.

8:27am: Balloons fill the air over Balloon Fiesta Park.

8:17am: Special shape ‘Sushi’ from Incline Village, NV inflates.

8:15am: The new Face of 2 KASA FOX Michael Newman stops to speak with Peggy from the Albuquerque Convention and Visitors Bureau as balloons lift off from the field.

8:07am: Crowds are rolling in as balloons continue to inflate.

8:00am: Pilot Bud Person flies Screwed Up Gator that carries the Larry Barker banner. Join us Saturday for Larry Barker Mask Ascension. If your on the balloon fiesta field, come by the set and get a free Larry Barker mask.

7:55am: Special shape ‘Simba” from Belgium takes off.

7:52am: Jay Miller with Nikon Photo give his tips on how to take great pictures at the Balloon Fiesta.

7:49am: Winds are sending balloons at a fast speed.

7:27am: Balloons begin to inflate and prepare to take off.

7:42am: Daniel Monahan with the NM Tourism Department chats with Kristen and Matt.

7:35am: ‘Aaron’, whose name is Elvis’ middle name, prepares for take off.

7:32am: Al Tetreault and Chuck Clark of Balloon Fiesta Security talk Balloon Fiesta safety.

7:26am: Airabelle, The Flying Cow getting ready for launch.

7:24am: Former Balloonmeister and Balloon Fiesta Board Member, Rod May, stops by as the Bees begin to inflate.

7:17am: Airabelle, The Flying Cow and the Flight of the Nations balloons are starting to inflate.

7:13am: Terri Cole from Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce is on the KRQE News 13 set to talk about how the Balloon Fiesta helps Albuquerque’s economy.

7:07am: Special shape ‘Sam’ from Brazil just takes off.

7:05am: National Anthem has just finished. Balloons are inflating on the field.  Looking good this morning.

6:47am: From the pilot briefing… Similar conditions to Monday.  High winds aloft are at 30 to 20 knots at 1,000 to 2,000ft.  Since the conditions are similar to Monday, official are optimistic that Flight of Nations Mass Ascension will be a go.  Pilots will be on field for that update listening to their weather radio for launch time.  The expectation is that with sunrise the winds will calm down.

Pilots look up at the morning pi-ball while dawn patrol launches

5:44am: Getting ready to head over to this mornings pilot briefing.

5:36am: Zebras stop by to talk with Kristen and Matt about all the work they do during fiesta. Every Zebra checks to see that every balloon is airworthy and that there is no damage to the either the envelope or the basket.  They then let the pilots know where they will be standing and what hand signals to look for during the launch sequence.  They also discuss wind conditions and the traffic directly overhead.  The Zebras then walks each pilot out to a clear area near the launch site.  When the skyway is clear, the Zebra blows his whistle and gives a “thumbs up” signal letting the pilot know he is clear to take off.

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5:17am: @mattatkrqe Good morning from #balloonfiesta@kvdatkrqe and @krqe web experts staying warm

5:10am: @kdvatkrqe Another great start for #balloonfiesta! Winds are light and it’s still chilly so later up. It’ll warm quickly this am

5:00am: Today is the Flight of Nations Mass Ascension flying competition.  The Flight of the Nations is an event held during the Wednesday Mass Ascension. It honors all of the countries that are represented in Balloon Fiesta. Up to two balloons from each country launch after the “Sponsor of the day” balloon launches. Each balloon will carry its country’s flag.

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  1. Awesome live blogging play by play. It was my first year at the Balloon Fiesta and it was a blast. I found it personally rewarding to volunteer as chase crew.

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