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October 7th, 2012 at 5:26 am by under Photos

9:00am: Thanks for joining us this morning.  We’ll be live blogging again tomorrow morning and all week.  More events going on today at Balloon Fiesta

  • 11am Balloon Fiesta Pin Trading
  • 4pm Albuquerque Chainsaw Carving Invitational
  • 5:45pm Balloon Glow
  • 6:30pm Chainsaw Carving Raffle/Auction
  • 8pm AfterGlow Fireworks Show

8:50am: A different view – this is taken from Sky Hi Def of a balloon basket carrying its crew and passengers for a ride around Albuquerque

8:46am: A good size crowd is at #balloonfiesta and even Larry Barker joins us with the ‘I saw that’ banner on one of the balloons on the field.

8:31am: Frank Bruno co-producer (Dean Strober is the other producer) of the Big Top Chocolate Festival joins us on set.  All vendors at the festival are local. The cool air this morning is perfect for chocolate.

8:21am Because of the high winds yesterday, the Larry Barker Mass Ascension has move to next Saturday.  If you come out to Balloon Fiesta park, come over to the set and get your free Larry Barker mask.

8:14am The Bees: a view from Sky Hi Def inflate on field but it doesn’t look like they are going to go up this morning however.

8:00am:  Albuquerque Mayor Berry joins Dean and Jess on set. The much favored Elvis balloon can be seen in the background of this photo.

7:53am: Special Shape, Sam, the upside-down elephant also from Brazil takes off while photographer Jay Miller offers advice on how to take great photos at Balloon Fiesta

7:48am:  Special Shape, Aaron – or otherwise known as Elivs Balloon from Brazil lifts off

7:40am: Michael “Mike” Mullane is a retired USAF officer and a former NASA astronaut, flying on three Space Shuttle missions, he’s also from Albuquerque join Dean and Jess. Mike will be at NASA tent at 8:30am and 10am this morning.


7:33am: Creamland “Airabelle” Hot Air Balloon inflates at Balloon Fiesta with more loud cheers from the crowd

7:22am: Co-author of The World Comes to Albuquerque Dick Brown joins Jessica and Dean on set.

7:15am: Big Top Chocolate Festival folks visit the set to share the incredible events happening at Balloon Fiesta this year.

7:10am: The American Anthem now being sung and the balloon carries the American flag.  A big round of applause from the crowd.

7:07am: Can you take a bad picture out at Balloon Fiesta?  We think not but coming up on the show we’ll have an expert who will give some tips on how you can take incredible photos.

6:58am: The crowd gives a big cheer as the mass ascension is a go is announced on the loud speaker.

6:54am: For the America’s Challenge Gas Balloon Race Inflation, there are two scenarios: [1] they will inflate today before the Balloon Glow this evening or [2] inflate after Balloon Glow around 1:00am Monday morning.  Their pilot briefing will take place just before noon today.

6: 45am: Dawn patrol takes flight

6:20am Mass ascension is a go! Looks like a great day for ballooning. Winds are calm at 100ft, at 200ft winds are at 1 knot. Balloons will head northeast.

6:11am pilot briefing about to begin

5:52: From pilot briefing area; a couple of pilots are said this mass ascension is looking hopeful

5:48am: [OFFICIAL] Guests who purchased a park and ride ticket online for Saturday mornings event will receive an email from Balloon Fiesta with instructions on how to exchange that ticket for a future 2012 Balloon Fiesta Event serviced by Park and Ride.

Guests who purchased a preprinted ticket at the Balloon Fiesta gift shop or at a park and ride location, should bring their ticket to the Balloon Fiesta offices, during normal business hours, to exchange those tickets for a future 2012 Balloon Fiesta Event serviced by park and ride.  If the ticket was lost, guests need to come to the Balloon Fiesta offices with information on how the ticket was purchased in order to get a ticket to a future 2012 event serviced by park and ride.

5:41am: Officials have pushed back the pilot briefing to 6:15am.  They are thinking the winds higher up are going to be bad.

5:23am: Setting up our set at Balloon Fiesta field for a cross-your-fingers mass ascension! Live webcams

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