5 Things You Need To Know | October 4, 2012

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5) Were you able to watch the first primary presidential debate last night? If so, you were one of more than 50-million people who did! Many of them said afterward that they thought that Republican nominee, Mitt Romney did very well. Mitt Romney and President Obama, disagreed on just about everything and especially on the economy, healthcare, and taxes.

4) Look out for people trying to rip you off especially if you’re in town for Balloon Fiesta.
Here’s an example for you! Just yesterday our cameras were rolling when it looked like a woman tried to steal another woman’s purse from a hotel downtown. Thankfully though, a number of good samaritans, including on of our photographer’s, caught the woman and held her down until police got to the scene. The purse along with the airline ticket inside of it were returned.

3) It’s a street makeover! What some people call a very dangerous street in Albuquerque could be getting a makeover soon. This is part of the Girard Revamp Project which is between Gibson and Indian School. Neighbors near the street claim that too many people are speeding through that area and so now the City is thinking about expanding the sidewalks and bike lanes bigger to make the area safer.

2) Exciting job news! There will be more jobs headed to Albuquerque today. That’s because Sumitomo is opening up a new plant in the Emcore building. The company is expecting to hire up to 50 people to build lasers and other high-tech stuff.

1) It’s going to feel like summer again today in Albuquerque! There will be clear skies and a high reaching 84-degrees.

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  1. A.Z. says:

    Would someone please proofread the articles put online? (Or, maybe I’m the only one who thinks that journalists’ work should include correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.) It drives me bonkers to see basic errors in virtually every article posted.

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