LANL plutonium facility doomed

September 30th, 2012 at 4:39 pm by under Latest Posts

Plans for a massive new plutonium facility at the Los Alamos National Laboratory appear doomed.

The lab has already spent more than $400 million on designs but still there are no plans to actually begin building.

The project has been delayed for years.

The federal budget proposal, that begins Monday, cuts funding for the program.

Estimates to build the project sit between $3.7 billion and $5.8 billion.

A project manager says about $80 million has been sent to close out operations.

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  1. Peter Neils says:

    This is a victory for the taxpayers and advocates of responsible government. As some as have insisted for years, there are more economical ways to meet the proposed mission of this building. NNSA and LANL, in their never quenched thirst for more money and facilities, have, for a decade, denied that alternatives exist until February 2012, when they suddenly reversed course and indicated they could adapt other facilities to meet the evolving mission for CMRR.

    Curiously, its only supporters now seem to be the same folks that otherwise cast themselves as opponents of big government.

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