Gas prices continue to slide

May 31st, 2012 at 2:31 pm by under Latest Posts

Average gasoline prices dropped another few cents a gallon over the last week, according to the AAA New Mexico Gas Watch.

Nationally the average price for a gallon of regular gas slipped six cents from $3.68 on May 23 to $3.62 today, the report found.

In New Mexico the drop was three cents to $3.64 a gallon, which is three cents less than consumers were paying at this time last year.

The report listed the average price per gallon for regular as $3.56 in Las Cruces, $3.60 in Albuquerque and $3.67 in Santa Fe.

Average prices in the region ranged from $3.44 in Texas to $3.92 in Nevada.


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One Response to “Gas prices continue to slide”

  1. Tom Olson says:

    You recognized a small drop in oil prices at the pump, but at this crude oil price level our price at the pump should be below $3.00 not over $3.50. Who’s ripping us off? An investigation is in order. Tom

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