Morning sonic booms heard in central NM

April 27th, 2012 at 10:14 am by under Latest Posts

White Sands Missile Range conducted tests Friday morning with an F-16 aircraft used to launch the AQM-37(EP) supersonic target system staged out of Kirtland Air Force Base, N.M.

The mission took place sometime between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m. and the target was not visible to people on the ground.

Due to environmental conditions, there was the possibility of a sonic boom to be heard in north-central New Mexico.

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  1. Karen Conant says:

    Possibility was not the right answer. Knocked things off the wall at my house, first one woke the dead(me, second one was the damage.

  2. Lynne says:

    I heard a very loud prolonged boom with an unsettling vibration that rattled the windows and felt like an earthquake this AM around 6:30. I live off of South 14 in the Manzano Mts.

    1. Barbara says:

      I heard it, too. Thought the house across the street blew up!

  3. Jim says:

    I heard it twice from my house in Sandia Park, once at 5am and once around 6:30am. It sounded like a bomb exploding. The entire house shook for at least 10 seconds after the initial “boom.” I first thought it was an earthquake (it shook like about a magnitude 3.5…I’m from CA), but I heard jet engines fading into the distance, so I suspected a sonic boom although I heard one boom rather than two. It happened again at 6:30am, same boom, same shaking (a little less this time), and the same jet engine sounds fading into the distance. Whomever planned this test should realize that the East Mountains is a major suburb of Albuquerque. Why couldn’t they hold it farther west or east of Albuquerque where the population is sparse? IMHO, they should study the potential impacts of their sonic booms a little more closely before implementing it. Sheesh. At least do it during daylight hours when people aren’t sleeping. You might as well hold it at 5am on Sunday morning!

  4. Forrest says:

    The airforce needs to stop doing this immediately. I spent 5 years in the Marines and we never did anything without considering the well being of our civilian neighbors. The Officer who authorized this needs to be contacted and made aware just how disturbing it is. This practice needs to stop!

  5. Bonny Holder says:

    We heard one big boom here in Cedar Crest. My husband thought the house next door blew up. Not good.

  6. Jerry says:

    Sonic Boom ,The sound of freedom.
    I heard it yesterday and this morning.
    Growing up in Nevada late 50′s early 60′s we heard the boom all the time. I don’t know why people take such offense to a moinor problem

    1. Forrest says:

      because it was at 5 am

  7. Buddy says:

    Someone should check look into the Air Force “cover” story…an F-16 cannot reach Mach 4…just saying…

  8. Alicia says:

    we heard them also. we live behind PAAKO in Sandia Park, NM. We heard loud booms on Thursday April 26th, 2012 at 6:30a.m. and again Friday morning at 5:00a.m. It was very scarey and shook our whole house. I thought the worst and thought it was my parents house that blew up. very scarey stuff. so if it was the Sandia Labs doing experiments or the military oracticing on new weapons.. these booms have been GLOBAL. thats a little odd that this has been going on all around the world for the past few months.

  9. Richard says:

    I work the grave shift at Tramway/Montgomery. I heard the boom thinking it was a semi hitting our building (it was that loud). When I ran outside to check, I heard several smaller booms (6 to 8) much like the echos of thunder. The problem was is that the sounds never faded. They stayed the same volume and then just stopped. I did not see any anomalies. I do not remember if the sky was clear at that time. The parking lot lights made it difficult to see the sky. It is coincidental that these strange sounds have been heard world wide and now it was our turn.

  10. anonymous says:

    In 2012 there was a sonic boom sound under our house in the middle of the night. Other sonic boom sounds on other occasions just east of me in Arizona, 1 mile north of I-10 near west phoenix. Sonic booms in central phoenix mountains just before all of Campe Verde, AZ was a sonic boom fest per the news. These govt excuses are pathetic. how stupid do the powers that be think we all are? the over due polar shift must be happening.

  11. Dan says:

    These sonic booms are from government jets and asteroids entering the atmosphere. The noise coming up from the earth while laying on the ground near Chama and the Gila I have not figured out yet.

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