Solar-power plan for jail advances

February 17th, 2012 at 12:25 pm by under Latest Posts

A plan to partially power the Metropolitan Detention Center took a major step forward this week with Bernalillo County commissioners approving a purchase agreement.

Under the deal SunEdison, a California company, will design, build and operate a 999-kilowater solar array proving about 20 percent of the electricity consumed by the jail west of Albuquerque.

PNM will supply the remainder of the power.

County officials say the plan will save money over time as the 20-year  agreement calls for SunEdison to charge a flat rate for the power it supplies.

Construction is expected to generate 20-40 local jobs, according to the county.

2 Responses to “Solar-power plan for jail advances”

  1. crustycoastie says:

    Big deal, sounds like another pay to play scheme. If the taxpayers are buying the solar array, in other words we own it, why do we have to pay SunEdison for the electricity it generates? Another question. Why do gooberment officials always say projects will create jobs when all construction projects like this are temporary jobs at best?

  2. Richard says:

    Why are NM Officials always so ready to do business with out of state companies? It means The “lions share” of the money for profit and jobs are alwys getting shipped out to other states (in this case forn 20 years+). I know for a fact that there are several companies in state (CST, AFFORDABLE SOLAR, Etc.) that could get this job financed and completed using NM components (Schott Solar), labor, and banks. I am in the industry, and while these companies are my competitors, they have the experience to get these large scale PPA’s (power purchase agreements), done. Why is the County choosing a California company over our NM Buinesses that operate in NM?

    The jobs created are going to be a few low pay install jobs more than likely using unskilled labor. Our schools (CNM, etc.) are spending millions training our green workforce, how about using these people employed by local established companies? Was this ever announced for bid to these companies?

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