School takes child’s sack lunch saying it was unhealthy

February 16th, 2012 at 11:20 am by under Latest Posts

A North Carolina school is under fire after a state health inspector allegedly made a child eat a school lunch of chicken nuggets instead of her sack lunch because hers didn’t meet state health guidelines.

The girls grandmother says the sack lunch consisted of a turkey and cheese sandwich on white bread, potato chips, a banana and apple juice.

A school spokesperson says while  the lunch was healthy, it was missing milk, a key part of what is considered to be a healthy meal.  The spokesperson went on to say that the inspector should have simply offered the child milk instead of a replacement meal, but says its part of policy to make sure children have healthy food options.

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24 Responses to “School takes child’s sack lunch saying it was unhealthy”

  1. rocketD says:

    If the child has lactose intolerance or a dairy allergy, milk isn’t a healthy food option. Good thing for the child that it wasn’t the case.

  2. Lisa says:

    Going way too far….way to go government.

  3. Alicia says:

    Its not like the child showed up with a bag full of candy and cakes. I think they went too far by taking away a lunch the child was probably OK with eating and giving them something else. Hope they didn’t charge for the school lunch she was forced to eat!

  4. Rene says:

    Alicia, they DID charge the parent!! $1.25!!!

    There are other food allergies as well. My daughter has a gluten allergy (SEVERE if she eats it!), and at four years old, children are not fully aware of what they can and cannot eat with a food allergy. The bread on her sandwich might have been gluten free, so the “school gestapo” wouldn’t have known that, and the child wouldn’t know to say so. Then she grabs on to the yummy and BREADED chicken nugget and has a potentially dangerous allergic reaction.

    When you start policing what parents are giving to their children without any knowledge of WHY they might be doing it, you are asking for BIG lawsuits.

    1. christine says:

      May daughter has wheat and dairy allergies and although her food may look the same, it is very different. If the school would have changed out her food, we would be sitting in a hospital…

  5. MotttheHopple says:

    The government need to keep out of our lives! I lived on sack lunches just the the kid’s and am still alive and healthy at 61!

    1. John E. Godiska says:

      There is nothing wrong with teachers looking out for the welfare of their students. If the kid had just crackers to eat, anybody would buy her a lunch. I do agree that the kid should have been offered milk, instead of a whole lunch. But it is a minor incident, and blown way out of proportion.

  6. Jessica says:

    That state health inspector should be fired. It is none of the school’s business what that child eats unless it’s food provided by the school. What if the child was allergic to dairy products? Chicken nuggets is NOT the better choice from a turkey sandwich.

  7. Chris says:

    Chicken nuggets have been found to be one of the most unhealthy snacks around! But that aside, I am sick and tired of the government thinking they know how to raise our children; how to feed, discipline, educate, etc… Until there are REAL signs of sbuse, the government needs to stay away from our children!!! P.S. Cafeteria food is disgusting.

    1. John E. Godiska says:

      Tell that to the child who has been abused. Looking out for the children is not government intrusion. It is dedication by teachers.

  8. Jim fisher says:

    You people on here are really missing the point. Discussion of allergies and how healthy her bagged lunch was and so on, it’s all irrelevant. I dont care if she came to school with a snickers bar and tang in her bag! What right does anyone have to decide what your child eats but you? It’s not a question of what was packed vs what the school replaced it with. Tyranny comes in all forms. This is an example of it. And when tyranny comes in little bite size pieces, removing tiny portions of parental rights each time, people accept it. It’s not a question of nutrition at all. It’s a question of rights. Debating nutrition is exactly what they want. Then you will accept it when it’s a case where the child’s lunch is less nutritious. You will accept the loss of rights and then they will switch from nuggets to lesser and become the decision maker while your freedom is gone !

  9. Ron says:

    This is not a misunderstanding, it is a deliberate attempt to instill mistrust, in the child of their parents. It’s simple, the child is told the meal is bad, but the government can do better than your parents. The Mother of the child stated that; the child asked her why she packed a bad lunch for her. Instill mistrust for the parents and reliance on the government!

  10. Gary P. says:

    Taking their lead from Michelle Obama……Obamamerica…….taking your rights away one at a time…

  11. Jessica says:

    What right does an adult who is not part of the school have to force a minor into doing something? As a parent I would be outraged at the school and the teachers for allowing this unknown person bully my child and force their own beliefs and opinions. Has anyone actually seen the horrible lunch our own APS schools give our children? Or noticed how much money is actually wasted? School lunches are not nutritious they are processed frozen pieces of nothing. I hope this Grandparent files a lawsuit not only against the School but against the State and the health inspector.

  12. R A Williams says:

    Chicken nuggets, like most school food, are highly processed. They’re made with the cheapest possible ingredients and are full of fat, salt, sugar, fillers, artificial colorings and flavorings, and empty calories. In this respect they’re worse than potato chips. Cow’s milk is healthy for calves to drink, but as a food source for humans dairy is overrated.

    However, chicken nuggets, pizza, cow gland secretions (that’s what milk is, folks!) and such will continue to be served in schools because the companies that produce them know how to hire lobbyists.

    The child would have been far better off eating the bagged lunch, even though white bread and potato chips aren’t exactly healthy. You just can’t beat real fruit.

    This incident is obviously an attempt by the school to gouge money out of families for “food” (i.e. obesogenic slop) that the children don’t need, don’t want, generally don’t eat, and probably shouldn’t eat because it’s unhealthy and disgusting. That way, if the child becomes obese due to the overfeeding and mis-feeding (as he or she certainly will), the school and/or the government can then start botching the task of forcing the child to diet poorly and exercise unsafely.

    It would be different if the child had been sent to school with no food. Even the obesogenic slop known as cafeteria food is better than starvation. But to take a child’s basically nutritious lunch and replace it with something less nutritious is an example of government at its worst.

  13. Allan says:

    When did it become the government’s job to inspect what our kids eat? Why do we need these inspectors? A complete waste of money, and a complete overstep by the government. The government is taking the power to parent from the parents. This should not even be in North Carolina’s budget, nor practiced. Welcome to the nanny state.

  14. Dave says:

    Fisher, I couldn’t agree with you more. we as a free people need to start protecting our rights. the government has absolutely no right to force any person to eat what they want. yet we continue to see them meddling in our everyday lives. why don’t we as voters hold our government officials to what there job really is. Protecting the freedom, rights and liberties of the people.
    Not to dictate laws and rules that take away those very same freedoms. The government would have us believe that we as a people are incapable of running
    our own lives. they know whats best for us. and if we don’t like it, to bad!
    there going to make us do what they think is best. Like it or not!!!
    We better wake up people, before its too late!!!

  15. Pissed Off mount gomery says:

    On there best day come and take my kids sack lunch

  16. jean says:

    Fire that person for taking a childs good lunch away.

  17. Maureen says:

    I live in Canada, and my son’s Hot Pocket was sent home today as he said the teacher called it “unhealthy”. And no substitution. Is it better to let a kid go hungry instead?? I give VERY balanced meals at home, btw.

  18. kdrobin says:

    These things are not happening in the schools in my area.Maybe this person was an idiot.We can send our children to school with bagged lunch and no one inspect it

  19. julie draves says:

    Chicken nuggets? Pink slime. . .and cheese is dairy. This is unconscionable. My home state, too. How embarrassing.

  20. Jennifer H. says:

    This is awful. I am pregnant with my first and possibly only child now. LET ANYONE take my child’s lunch away when my child gets old enough to start school and i’m sorry but they will see the wrath of a mother and their father who is in the air force protecting our rights. I hope she sues them because this is just not right. I see no problem with what that child had in her bad it was a relatively healthy lunch and a hell of a lot better then what that school gave her. The government has gone way to far on this one.

  21. Sammie Cook says:

    As someone with food allergies, this touches me on a personal note. I attend college where they were trying to make the meal plan mandatory. I went along with it and paid $7 just to walk around and look at the food options.

    Unless I can live off of salad and rice chex, there is no way.

    I refuse to pay any amount to the college for such a meal plan and I hold that same standard for K-12 schools… HOWEVER, there is something missing to the story.

    Does the child have a restricted diet for medical reasons? Does the child know about nutrition and are they capable of making healthy choices on their own while knowing the consequences of poor choices? Did the child have any say in what foods were in her paper sack before the health inspector forced her to eat the school lunch? It goes both ways.

    In short, the health inspector should not have had the right to do what they did.

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