City lists highest-paid staff

February 8th, 2012 at 2:47 pm by under Latest Posts

The city of Albuquerque’s website has listed the the top wage earners in municipal government and a chart showing the personnel costs of city departments.

The top salary last year was $144,773.20 paid to Municipal Development Director Ed Adams, who retained his salary as chief administrative officer when he changed jobs at the end of Mayor Martin Chavez’s administration.

The listing is part of the ongoing effort by Mayor Richard J. Berry to make the operations of city government more transparent and accountable, according to a statement today from the mayor’s office.

The figures for the 2011 calendar year are base wages and do not include overtime or the value of unused leave, take-home vehicles or tuition reimbursements.

The top wage earners, all making between $121,000 and $145,000, are:

  1. Ed Adams, director of municipal development
  2. Rob Perry, chief administrative officer
  3. Ray Schultz, police chief
  4. James Breen, fire chief
  5. Laura Mason, city council director

Berry ranks 38th on the list at $103,854.40.

To see the departmental salary breakdown and access the wage list, click here.


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