‘PET’ program targets animal abusers

November 30th, 2011 at 5:53 pm by under Latest Posts

Bernalillo County is launching a new program to go after people who neglect or abuse their pets.

The effort by county Animal Care Services has been dubbed PET-Proactive Enforcement Team.

The goal is to spot animal abuse cases and address them quickly without waiting for someone to report the situation.

“If you have an animal, you have a responsibility,” Matt Pepper, director of Bernalillo County Animal Care, said.  “And that is to understand what’s required of you and understand the needs of your animal and fulfill the needs of your animal.”

The case of Ferdinand the calf led to the new project, according to officials.

When Ferdinand’s mother was found stuck in a mud pit, the owner shot and killed her and then left the calf to die.

Ferdinand was rescued and today is healthy.

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  1. Shirley Montano says:

    The PET program sounds good. Would like to know exactly how the county plans to be proactive though. Whenever I drive anywhere I am always on “dog patrol” or “pet patrol.” That is all you have to do to spot neglect in the city. I call in all the time to report animal neglect or abuse. People just have to care. Good luck with that! I’m sure the city does what it can but it doesn’t seem like it is enough. So, am anxious to know how PET would be funded and what can be done.

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