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October 21st, 2011 at 1:32 pm by under Latest Posts

While many New Mexicans are struggling in this tough economy there are people out there finding ways to succeed. Some starting up businesses, some beating the odds.

We want to highlight those stories here on News 13.

Do you have a success story you’d like to share in our New Mexico Works segment?

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What NM Works team has been doing…

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  1. Hello,

    My name is Tim Sawyer and I am a retired Pastor of 20 years. I have always had a life long dream to open a barbecue restaurant, and have recently done so. I was born and raised in Texas, then later moved to Missouri and Iowa. Through the years I have been able to perfect my smoked barbecue, as well as my recipes for barbecue sauce and salsa. I moved to NM a little over ten years ago and retired from Pastoring about seven years ago. From then I moved to Belen, NM and began my dream of being a barbecue restaurant owner. Unfortunately, I began this endeavor in 2009 when the economy was slowing. Since opening a little over two years ago I have only been paid about ten times (about 5 months in 30). I work all six days that we are open and I am working from before we open until after we close every day. Sometimes I am up all night mesquite smoking our meat which normally takes about twelve hours. Thankfully, my wife has a full-time job in Albuquerque and we are able to survive. Even so, I am confident that I am doing the right thing. I employ people who might not be employed, I pay taxes that might otherwise not be paid, and I am living my dream; something I cannot put a price on. I also believe in what I am doing because I serve home made food in an alcohol free environment. Families can come here knowing they will have good service, great food, and not have to worry about the negative things that alcohol can bring. I will continue to do what I am doing for as long as I can because I know I am making a positive difference in our community.

  2. Correction: I retired from my Pastoral position 2 years ago, not seven.

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