New Barbie Causes Uproar

October 21st, 2011 at 12:47 pm by under Latest Posts

Tokidoki Barbie, which comes covered with exotic-looking tattoos, including a large flower
covering her chest and a tiger curling up her neck is sparking controversy.

The doll also has pink hair sky-high stilletos and a cactus-covered pet
named Bastardino.

While Mattel says the barbie is designed for adults, parents say the Barbie sets a bad example for kids.

Look and see what you think. We’ll share you comments on our 4pm show.

Photo: Tokidoki Barbie



One Response to “New Barbie Causes Uproar”

  1. Katrina Garcia Spillman says:

    As a responsible adult who has chosen to get tattoos, I resent the insinuation that a Barbie with tattoos is somehow corrupting our daughters. There are plenty of mothers out there who have ink, and even if this collectors item were in toy stores, it would just be giving girls a doll that looks like their mothers. Just because someone has a tattoo does not mean he or she is immoral. There are many other influences that are far more damaging. Tattoos are not one of them.

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