Honoring United States Marines

September 25th, 2011 at 6:07 pm by under Photos

Look closely.  This is a floor.  I rotated the photo so it would be right side up.

It’s in the home of U.S. Marine John Cleveland, a long-time member of the Marine Corps League’s Jerry Murphy Detachment 381 in Albuquerque.  To Mr. Cleveland and all U.S. Marines, thank you for your service!


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  1. chris says:

    This medallion was hand crafted and donated by Kelly Henderson and Clarence Laws you can call Kelly at 505-999-6600 for your custom tile needs Thank You Kelly and Clarence and God Bless your hard work.

  2. Dr. Lavenial Ballinger says:

    To Mr. Cleveland and all Marines for their hard work: This medallion shows exceptional work and creativity. But the heart of it all is the donation. The part of giving to honor Mr. Cleveland and all the Marines past and present and their dedicated service is indeed an honor. God bless Kelly and Clarence with abundant blessings for their beautiful work and giving the wonderful thanks to Mr. Cleveland and all Marines for their demonstration of loyalty and love for their country. Thank you all.

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